Sunday, January 3, 2010

Your Ourgv Fundraiser Plan Of Action

Important video re how to use your organization tool bar and shopping mall.
We are excited that your organization has decided to be part of the OurGV Rewards Shop and Fund raise program! To get the most out of your experience, please view the videos for tips that have helped our Non-Profit Partners.

To participate in the weekly prizes and have your website placed here, please fax in your organization's papers to service @ 888 639 4954

How To Use Your Tool Bar To Generate All the Funds You Need for Your Organization.

A non-profit completing three purchases within the first two weeks of the date their NP site is activated (official activation notice will be sent from OurGV Rewards), they will receive an extra 50% on purchases made within those two weeks!

Ourgv has an excellent system in place to help non-profits all over the world to generate all the funds they want..

The success of your organization's toolbar and shopping mall depends greatly on public awareness. The more downloads you have, the greater your revenue wiil be.

Please visit here to learn how you can receive more dollars from your shopping..

Steps to Follow To Generate Funds for Your organization

1.Download your tool bar. Use it everyday to do your normal every day searches.

2. ANNOUNCE Your new toolbar and ask people to download it and to do searches of interest.

3.DISTRIBUTE the toolbar by sending multiple emails to its audience announcing the new program

4.CONTINUE to send out multiple times the download message and work to get the attention of your audience.

5.REMIND members with the provided DAILY EMAIL MESSAGE to searches on sites of interest, clicking on sponsored links

6.DAILY receive call; from REP to PARTNER offering assistance to organization (helping to shift fundraising behavior)

7.WEEKLY after the first 30 days a WEEKLY reminder to the AUDIENCE is NECESSARY

8.RECEIVE agreed upon payment {based on per click of sponsored link} every 30 days after initial set up (which can take up to 60 days).

9. Place your tool bar link and mall banner on your website.

Program examples.

10. To participate in the weekly prizes and have your website placed here, please fax in your organization's papers to service @ 888 639 4954

Other Ways to Maximize the use of the tool bar and thus generate more funds.

1. Meet with parents, supporters etc. to discuss the tool bar usuage and shopping benefits.

2.Discuss goal eg.To raise $5,000/month etc. or more.

3. Ascertain the email addresses of supporters etc....At the end of your tool bar are two people, click on it. Add the email addresses of supporters etc. in the box provided.

Click then send, it will be in the email boxes of your supporters to download and use.

4.Your short term goal is to have 100 supporters downloading the tool bar and using it daily to search.

As time goes on your goal is to get it on over 1000 computers...eventually 1,000,000

It is very important that everyone follows the tool bar guide lines to avoid your tool bar being disabled.

5. Send this email remainder to your tool bar users once per week or month. Always ask supporters to download your tool bar. Just imagine 1,000,000 downloading your toolbar and using it to search everyday.

This is an email that you would encourage the organization to email their supporters once a week for the first 2 months and then monthly after that. 


Organization Name (Place it Here)


Please remember to perform your natural searches from our (Organization Name) Toolbar. Once the search results page pulls up, click on the sponsored links that are of interest. This should only take about 5 minutes a day.

Every time you click on the sponsored results, you are helping us raise the much needed funds to pay for (item that you are funding). All without writing a check! With your support we will reach our goal.

Thank you for helping make a difference. Your support and time is greatly appreciated.



Your Name 

Best wishes.

I am available to do online and off line work shops re taking your Ourgv Fund Raise to a higher level.
I can be contacted at:
Tassel Daley
813 651 9811

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