Thursday, September 22, 2011

How To Generate Funds With Your Tool Bar


We hope you are having an amazing day! 

To view results of clicks, downloads, and generated revenue, Click Here and enter your username and password. The initial earnings for your toolbar will process approximately two weeks after the initial month's clicks.  Earnings will be paid to your Paypal account for international organizations or a check will be mailed for U.S and Canadian organizations.   

Attached, you will find an important letter that provides further information about searching on your toolbar, as well as a letter to forward to all your members and supporters.

Your email will be entered into a "Toolbar Training" email campaign to educate you on your new fundraising tools.  Click Here  to view an instructional video that will provide you with more details about the toolbar. Feel free to email us other contacts in your organization that you would like for us to enter into the Toolbar Training email campaign.                   

Here are a few tips to get you started and help you maintain a high quality rating (searches vs. sponsored results clicks ratio) for your toolbar:
** It is important to spend time on each search to help the toolbar activity get recognized as legitimate.                                                             

**Search naturally.  Unnatural search patterns (i.e. randomly searching topics alphabetically) or repeatedly searching the same word/phrase may flag a toolbar and may eventually cause your toolbar to be disabled.                                                               

** We encourage the toolbars to be downloaded and used on multiple computers as yahoo also reviews number of searches per computer.

Tips for promoting your toolbar:

**Email blasts
**Adding the link to your email signature
**Social Media
**Flyers and business cards
**Banner on your website
**Please study the instructional video linked above for examples

Each month your toolbar accumulates the monthly minimum 100 clicks on Sponsor Results, you will qualify for a toolbar check.  We encourage you to start utilizing the toolbar and sharing it with others so that you can reach the minimum toolbar downloads and monthly minimum clicks as fast as possible. Upgraded Deluxe accounts have no monthly minimum click requirements; however, we still recommend that you utilize the toolbar and share it with others to help your organization reach its goals faster!

Thank you and have a great day!!!!

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